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Food Sensitivities?

It has been surprising to me to find out over the last year how many people have food sensitivities. More people are finding out they have sensitivities to various food items such as; gluten, dairy, egg, whey, casein, almonds, and peanuts.

Many people are not truly allergic to these foods, but the proteins in these foods are what is causing problems in the gut. Mayo Clinic has a great article on the difference between food allergies and sensitivities.

Why the sensitivities and allergies to certain types of food? It all comes down to the immune system and Dr. Slazenger has a great article titled: Inflammatory symptoms, immune system and food intolerance: One cause – many symptoms.

We have a product for daily use to help digest these proteins which people have sensitivities to called Digestzymes. We now have a product formulated to help digesting proteins in foods, but with a different twist. It is formulated specifically for those cheat or treat type meals. The product is Allergzyme and I wished I had some last night!

I had been doing great with my healthy diet and exercise and then I went to a function last night with all these delicious foods. I ate too much bread and sweets and I wound up having stomach issues after going to bed. Indigestion was the worst!

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