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Supplement Store

Click on the image below to go to the e-Store for vitamins and supplements from Designs for Health. These supplements are top quality and pharmaceutical grade products. There are volume discounts available.

  • Use coupon code CPT10 to receive a 10% discount for orders above $100
  • Use coupon code CPT15 to receive a 15% discount for orders above $200
  • Use coupon code CPT20 to receive a 20% discount for orders above $300
  • Use coupon code CPT25 to receive a 25% discount for orders above $400
Supplement Store

Consultation Calls for Medical Providers and Patients.

LIFE IS BUSY AND SO ARE YOU! Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies Inc. is offering a new approach for providers and patients. We are offering a brief consult over the phone to help providers or patients better understand what compounding opportunities are available for better healthcare options when necessary. To learn how to schedule your consult, please click on the link below.