Gut Health Affecting Overall Health

The human microbiome interacts with some of our most critical pathways, including the immune system, metabolism, digestion, detoxification, and mental health. Consequentially, a disturbed microbiome is not only ineffective in its own tasks, but can also lead to the dismantling of other connected systems that maintain general health and wellness.


We are just beginning to understand just how important gut health is to our overall health and wellbeing. As we enter "back to school" period, we all know kids start spreading colds and other conditions associated with infections. I have always advocated not using antibiotics for every sniffle and cough due to chances of bacterial resistance. Now we are finding out how antibiotics effects the microbiome.

Designs for Health as a great publication on their website explaining how a dysfunctional microbiome can cause. Click here to read article. According this publication, a dysfunctional microbiome can cause or affect increased infections, compromised immunity, metabolic conditions, and mental health. There are autoimmune diseases attributed to dysfunctional microbiome of the gut.

Probiotics are a must for all people with the type of diets we consume in our westernized culture. I cannot stress this enough. It is now recommended to take prebiotics to provide a suitable environment for the good bacteria to grow in the gut.

Another source contributing to the problem is consuming an inflammatory diet, which includes gluten among many other types of food. Gluten is one thing we need to eliminate from our diets to start on a road to better health.

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C. Craig Wells, RPh

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