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Craig Wells, RPh

Craig Wells, RPh. Pharmacist in Charge

Craig is a graduate of Samford McWhorter School of Pharmacy and is married to his wife Donna and has two grown kids. Craig has a variety of experience over his 35 year career. Craig has worked in hospitals, retail chains, mail order, independent retail, and has owned his own retail pharmacy. Craig has 10 years of experience in compounding and knows this is where he belongs. Compounding provides Craig with options to work with practitioners, so he can help their patients. Craig receives the most joy when able to talk to customers and to help resolve their health care needs. Craig states “I care about people and their suffering from a condition in which regular treatments is of no help. It makes my day if we can recommend or provide something that improves a person’s quality of life”, says Craig. Craig enjoys spending time with his wife, participating in church education, cooking and fishing.