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PCCA International Seminar 2018

Craig Wells meeting Brian Prescott at PCCA International Seminar 2018

I had a great time at PCCA International Seminar this year. I got to spend time with friends and made new friends. In the picture is Brian Prescott who is a consultant my owner meets with on a regular basis to help us stay focused on what is important and to keep us abreast of new innovations in healthcare.

PCCA introduced three new bases that will help compounding pharmacist prepare products with better quality bases and with best-used-by dating of 180 days. This is one of the many barriers compounding pharmacies face in trying to abide by the FDA guidelines on compounding. PCCA has really come through with these three new products. Click HERE to view more information on these new products.

We had the FDA to come and speak to us which was a first for the FDA to speak to such a large group of compounding pharmacist. We probably had close to 1,000 pharmacist there. We had so many speakers covering all aspects of the compounding pharmacy business, from pricing to auto-immune diseases. It was fascinating to learn oxytocin is found to help with many other conditions than what we are accustom to. We learned how important it is to check lab values for micro-nutrients. Vitamin and minerals are necessary as co-factors for all of our bodily functions. Many conditions we suffer from may be corrected by simply supplementing with specific vitamin and minerals based on a person's needs.

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C. Craig Wells, RPh

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