Consultation- How to Start and What to Do!

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Craig Wells, RPh.

What you should know about your consultant, Craig Wells RPh.

Our mission is to listen and then create a plan with you and your healthcare provider so you can move towards living your best life. Craig has trained under industry leaders and earned a rigorous and comprehensive certification in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). He has numerous continuing education hours dedicated to women's health, hormone balancing, thyroid disease, diabetes, metabolic issues, pain management, GI health, and the use of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for auto-immune diseases. His passion is helping people understand and take action for a better healthy life.

Training Includes:

  • Certified C4 Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Specialist and has received training in women’s health and hormone replacement therapy from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • A member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • One of the first pharmacist to become a Certified Diabetic Educator in the state of Alabama
  • 40 years of experience working side by side with patients like you
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Making a decision to start hormone replacement therapy is a big decision. We are here to help you decide if compounded hormone replacement therapy is right for you. There are 4-steps to make the correct consultation that is best for you. For more detailed information on each step, please scroll down to the next section.

Step 1- Review the basics

Step 2- Choose the best consultation for you

Step 3- Complete a Health Evaluation Form if applicable

Step 4- When necessary, obtain Hormone lab levels and send prior to your scheduled consultation

STEP 1 - Review The Basics

We suggest the following resources to gain a new or better understanding of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) prior to choosing your consult.

Resources-The following resources are from Dr. Pamela Smith, MPH, MS. Dr. Smith is one of the top presenters in anti-aging medicine and hormone balancing conferences all over the nation and is also certified in functional medicine. Craig Wells RPh. has participated in several training sessions facilitated by Dr. Pamela Smith and other leaders in health and hormone balancing for both men and women

  • Article- To read an article on the importance of bio-identical hormone therapy, please click this link.
  • YouTube Podcast- MD Pamela Smith reviews the basics in this 30-minute podcast recording about hormones and how they can affect your body when they are out of balance. To listen, please click on the video below.

STEP 2 - Choose The Best Consultation For You

Please review the information below to learn the difference between the following two consults:

  • 60-Minute Initial Consult- For those ready to move forward with their hormone replacement therapy
  • 30-Minute Follow-Up Consult- For existing hormone therapy patients to review their progress with BHRT

60 Minute Image
60-Minute Initial Consultation

60-Minute Initial Consult. What Can I Expect?

Comprehensive BHRT Consultation- This consultation is for patients that need a hormone consult and are ready to move forward with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

60-Minute Initial Consultation

Below is what you can expect when scheduling your Initial Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Consultation:

  • Craig will review your health evaluation form prior to your consult
  • Craig will review labs prior to your consult
  • Discuss your health history
  • Ascertain if any life events can be contributing to your overall health
  • Educate you on certain hormones or other health conditions pertaining to your specific circumstances
  • Interpretation of labs if any additional labs are necessary
  • Notes of the consult and treatment recommendation sent to you and your physician to review
  • Dietary review and recommendations if necessary
  • Supplement and/or prescription therapy recommendations
  • We will collaborate with your health care provider for additional guidance and implementation for your hormone therapy
  • If you do not currently have a health care provider, we will be happy to connect you with one
  • If supplements are recommended, you will receive a discount code towards your purchases
  • Important- Please submit both the evaluation form and the lab results by sending them to or they can be faxed to 1-866-684-6337. This must be submitted at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled consultation. Please schedule your consultation with enough time to obtain and send the labs within the requested time frame

60-Minute Initial Consultation Cost: $150.00* ($50.00 scheduling fee required)

Scheduling Fee-There will be a $50.00 scheduling fee to go towards your consult fee. The remaining $100.00 fee will be processed once the consultation is completed. *Additional costs may be incurred if the consult exceeds the allocated time.


60-Minute Initial Consultation

30 Minute Image
30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation

30-Minute Follow-Up Consult. What Can I Expect?

For existing patients: Please review the 30-minute follow-up consult information below. Important! For the 30-minute follow-up consultation, you will need to fill out our follow-up evaluation form which can be found under Step 3- Health Forms.

30-Minute Follow-Up Consult Includes:

  • Review your goals stated from the initial consult
  • Answer any questions that have come up since the onset of your therapy
  • Discuss the impact of the current therapy you have experienced from a quality-of-life perspective
  • Discuss symptoms that have improved or areas not responding to current therapy
  • Discuss any potential barriers preventing the patient from following the current course of treatment
  • Discuss any new developments or symptoms that need to be addressed
  • Adjust, create new, or maintain current therapy on findings in the follow-up session if applicable
  • Change in therapy recommendation sent to your physician to review if applicable

30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation Cost: $75.00* ($50.00 scheduling fee required)

Scheduling Fee-There will be a $50.00 scheduling fee to go towards your consult $75.00 fee. The remaining $25.00 fee will be processed once the consultation is completed. *Additional costs may be incurred if the consult exceeds the allocated time.


30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation

Form Image

STEP 3 - Health Evaluation Form

If you choose a 60-minute initial or 30-minute follow-up consultation, then please fill out the appropriate form below.

Please return your form by emailing or by faxing 1-866-684-6337.

60-Minute Initial Evaluation Form

60-Minute Initial Evaluation Form

30-Minute Follow-Up

Evaluation Form

30-Minute Follow-Up Evaluation Form

STEP 4- Hormone Lab Work


  • If you have had blood lab work done within the last 6 months, please submit them by emailing or via fax at 1-866-684-6337
  • If you need new blood lab work done, please click on the green tab below for a complete list of what is needed before your consultation
  • Important Reminder-When scheduling your consultation with us, please allow enough time between getting your labs done and our pharmacy receiving the results. Giving yourself approximately 2 weeks to get your labs scheduled and the results sent to us should be sufficient
  • We will collaborate with your doctor regarding any questions that your healthcare provider may have about the tests we are asking for or regarding your results
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Thank you so much for your time. If you have any questions about scheduling this consult, please email